With over ten years of experience in international investment bank, Mr. Ai had served in JPMorgan New York investment team and Hong Kong office in real estate investment banking, and involved in the establishment of EBA Investments -the largest real-estate fund in China. He starts Everbright-IDG Industrial Fund and becomes the capital managing partner of Guangkong Zhongying Capital leading over 50 investment projects of RMB and Dollar based Funds with an investment size of more than 50 billion RMB.

Mr. Ai is experienced in investing in consumption upgration, financial technology, pan-entertainment industry and artificial intelligence. He once played a vital role in the investment in iQIYI, Yixia Technology, Wish, Uxin Group, Tang Media Partners, Shanghai Film Art Academy, NEXTEV,  SenseTime, SINODATA, UnionPay, Circle, Tantan, I.am+, Master Light Source’s acquisition of LEDvance, HC SemiTek’s acquisition of MEMSIC INC, Biyao, Da Ling, Emao.com, Three’s Company, Shanghai Mime Financial Information Services Co., Ltd and Hurry Boss.

Acting as the board director for many investment enterprises including Ying Li International Real Estate, Tang Media, Shanghai Film Art Academy, SINODATA and Da Ling, Mr. Ai also serves on the board of the investment committee of Citic Goldstone Smart-entertainment Fund and advisory committee of Huaitai New Industry Fund. He was elected as “Top 10 Young investors of 2016” by ChinaVenture Information and “Top 10 of China’s best young investors of 2016-2017” by investorscn.com. He received his MS in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis and graduated with a BA’s degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University.