Investment Strategy

More and more resources have been converging to industrial leading enterprises within numerous industries. And the investment strategy that Guangkong Zhongying Capital maintains is to strengthen the investment effect by introducing not only the financial resources to portfolio companies but also offer them necessary industrial ones.

Through continuous introduction of needed-resources, the capacities and capabilities of our portfolio companies will be reinforced, which enables them to establish unrivalled barriers to competition and achieve high growth rapidly.

Consumer Services Upgration
With constant rendering by enterprises, media and even the government, “consumption upgration” is becoming the attention focus of media, enterprises and investors. At present, traditional consumption is experiencing rapid conversion into personalized, transnational, technological, diversified and mobile way, which is irreversible, as people have an increasing demand for innovative consumption like high-tech products, experiential consumption, and enjoyment consumption like recreation and sports. The major consumption is not only limited to a single product but evolves into the experience of scenario instead of a product. An obvious example is that people don’t have to pay for the tea, a material object but they will pay for the tea, a period of awesome time.
Shanghai Film Art Academy2017Current

Shanghai film art college is one of the national academy of four so named after the movie, movie is the only in Yangtze river delta to the characteristics of independent colleges and universities.College education for 12 years, with movie sets up the disciplines as the main line, focus on cultivating the practical film and TV technical personnel.


Threesome media group was founded in 2003, is a leading domestic specialized one-stop campus integrated marketing services company and the whole case digital marketing service providers.The company after more than ten years of development, has formed the based in Beijing, east, west, south and north four big area, 25 branches nationwide media companies.Has been the communist youth league central committee and the communist youth league of shaanxi provincial party committee awarded the "youth entrepreneurship job attachment base", is in Shanxi Province cultural department identified as "shaanxi cultural industry demonstration unit".On April 16, 2015 listed on the new three board, has become the first campus media.


A cat bus network is a "new car sales" as the breakthrough point of the whole scene auto electrical contractor.A cat bus network is focused on the new car user requirements, to solve for the user "buy what car, what's the price to buy, where to buy" pain points in three scenarios, providing "help your car, car, special vehicle" service.And thus formed the "information guide + + mall + offline store" one-stop O2O mode.

Uxin Group2016Current
As a leading second-hand car e-business in China, Uxin Group makes a comprehensive layout in the field of second-hand car wholesale platform and has multiple business systems that include China’s biggest online second-hand car platform -Youxinpai, the most advanced retail platform for second-hand cars-Uxin used cars Limited, Uxin Finance, Uxin Data, and China’s first aggregation platform for interactive auto news-Carpro. It is of note that Youxinpai spends five years developing B2B auction model in a comprehensive way and becomes the biggest B2B second-hand car auction platform in China, turning a profit in July, 2017. The B2C business of Uxin Used Cars Limited has gained a spot in the first lines of 2C trading platform for used cars, it realized a trading volume of 20,000 second-hand cars in November, 2016 and made a profit; more to the point, it is expected to have greater profit margins in the future.