Investment Strategy

More and more resources have been converging to industrial leading enterprises within numerous industries. And the investment strategy that Guangkong Zhongying Capital maintains is to strengthen the investment effect by introducing not only the financial resources to portfolio companies but also offer them necessary industrial ones.

Through continuous introduction of needed-resources, the capacities and capabilities of our portfolio companies will be reinforced, which enables them to establish unrivalled barriers to competition and achieve high growth rapidly.

Before 2016 when there remained user dividends of the internet, both internet financial institutions and traditional financial institutions that realized the importance of the internet invested heavily in user scale and experience. But since 2016, the overall demographic dividend of the internet has vanished, the growth rate of internet and mobile citizens decreased to below 10%. Moreover, the competitive landscape among the internet giants is fundamentally stable and the removal costs of customers are enormous, so the marginal effect in the aspect of user scale is reduced.



通过与场景方进行合作,采取 B2B2C 的模式进行获客,消费场景包括租房、整形、在线教育、轻奢消费、旅游等。

4Paradigm is an international leading AI technology and service provider.
XPeng Motors is an internet electric car company found in mid 2014. With the trend of “Internet+”, “mega data” and “O2O”, XPeng is dedicated to using new technology, craftsmanship and business models to make future vehicles for the young generation. XPeng wants to deliver a brand new experience for our customers from purchasing to using.